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the migration

the illinois sky

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Recent work: 7x7 MAGAZINE / SMALL SPACES

A wonderful crew:
Writer : Leilani Labong
Stylist : Mikhael Romain
Photo Assistant : Nathan Seabrook

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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"deeper now, i breath to know. basic."

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

OLIVIA SONG PARK and her art

Everything Steams (front)
Splitting Guess Work
In A Day It Takes
Disconnect The Numbers
Everything Stems (back) q-tip stems, glue. 
871 days of q-tips decapitated; stems cut in half; stems glued together.

I fear I will be late to everything
I’m usually the first one there
Time always seems to be running out
I can slow it down
Make it expand or collapse
I make things
Really small
Of minute matter
That take up little space
That take up a time of their own
I get bored quite easily
I find myself tying knots all the time
Now there’s over 90,000
They can fit in a lunchbox
I can’t seem to tie enough
I see 11:11 nearly every time
I look at a clock
I wonder what happens in between
when I don’t look, when I don’t remember
Whether time passes, reoccurs, or schisms
I know my mind well enough to call it Unstable
This will remain a constant
Thus its constructs
Time, space, memory
Are just as vulnerable, laden with ruptures and fiction   -Olivia Park

Olivia is an amazing artist living and working in San Francisco. We have shared gallery walls and we also live a block away from each other. I randomly run into her at my local coffee shop. I've always admired her art and style, so at our last encounter I couldn't resist asking if I could take a portrait of her at her home. It was great getting to know more about her and the thought process that goes into her art. The way her mind works fascinates me, there is so much depth that goes into every detail. To see more of her work and get a little deeper into her mind, go here:

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Recent published work

7x7 Magazine

San Francisco Magazine

Sunset Magazine
The crew + some out takes
Stylist extraordinaire Nissa Quanstrom 
My photo assistant and partner in crime Jessica Carter
Hair + make up genius Sarah Ashton

Favorite eat spots:
Zanze's Cheesecake
Los Planes de Renderos
Cable Car Joe's